Sometimes the hardest thing about starting something new is doing it and sticking to it. Well, I take care of my business, my children, my husband and my house. And although it seems that all this is for me, actually, it’s truly not, even though it makes me happy. I don’t do anything for ME, for the better of me and my sanity and health, until now. Kristy McLean (Click Here), She’s a mom in my neighborhood who up until a few months ago was weighing on the wrong side of 200lbs, like a lot over. I am going to link to her website so you can see the tranformation. I have decided that what I am going to do for myself is actually workout! OMG! Seriously, I haven’t committed myself, to truly taking care of myself in this way since, COLLEGE (about 10+ years ago). I had a lot of excuses, no time, my kids, bla bla bla. BUT the greatest part about doing Turbo Jam with Kristy is that she is local, and MANY MANY Moms in Foothill Ranch carpool to her workouts MWF, before husbands and kids even wake up! We will keep each other motivated. I will post my stats…as soon as they look good LOL, and you all who read my blog can hold me accountable! Humor me, cheer me on, 4:45 am comes very early for me! Hopefully I can be an inspiration to other non-movers, and I will no longer call myself this! OH! If you are local and want to join me next week, MTW, she’s giving free classes in Lake Forest/Irvine Area! WOOOHOOO~ XXOO

  • here’s the deal….truly we all make excuses about NOT having time…but if we commit to it & make it a part of our life…schedule AROUND workouts not the other way around…

    i’m proud of you!

    i NEED to stop eating 3 bowls of Cheerios b4 i go to bed…so hold me accountable if i’m crunching in yer ear @ 2am!

  • You go girl! Wish I could join you in the am. Lord knows my butt could use a workout each day!

  • Yep Kristie, I think we’ve had this conversation! I NEED to start getting off my butt! I shoot, come home, edit, butt goes from office chair to couch to car to bed! LOL, not anymore! At least I hope I can stick with it, I don’t want to buy new jeans!

  • He Melissa, WHAT BUTT????? YOu are gorgeous! XXOO

  • did u exercise today?? here i am holding you accountable…..
    love yer HAIR!!!!! and where the heck is my card!!!????

  • LOL….no workout today…have a sinus infection but I did have a salad for dinner instead of a cheese burger AND I also treated myself to my haircut by the talented Mrs. Ashley Zannitto! I love it! WHERE IS YOUR CARD, they were all sent at the same time, it’s a coming! (like I would forget you shoooooooooooot) XXOO

  • DO IT!!! even though you’re hot already!

  • You inspire me!! I need to do that too :) Thank you for the awesome card, your boys are soooooooooooo adorable. Just like you guys :D

  • Go Christine!

  • So far so good people! Thanks for all the support. This week I went 3 days, MTW, at 5:30…I have to tell you that Wednesday I was WIPED out! I had NO energy! It all caught up with me but I know I just need to get my routine down. I also signed up for ISAGENIX which is a supplement/meal replacement for weight loss. I don’t have a TON to lose as much as I have to get in shape. But I do know that I am about 15 pounds from where I need to be and far from being fit. But this is helping to keep me going for sure! If anyone is interested in ISAGENIX I can refer you to my gal, it’s like a super cleanse/get healthy deal…..I love it! XXOO I love my classes with Kristy, she teaches only 3 days a week so I’m thinking on the off days I need to get videos from her site, or maybe I should take the dog for a long walk….what do you guys think?

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